The Final HomeComing – Again

In 2004, we produced The Final HomeComing as a self-financed passion project. The feature length film was broadcast in Canada and streamed on Netflix (America) via our distribution agreement with Echelon Studios.

It was a noble effort, but our intention is to re-create the project with a few of the original’s key people but with more time and money. Lessons were learned and skills have been sharpened so that we may deliver a ghostly thriller of broad market appeal.

Here is a clip from the original production:

On a beautiful Thanksgiving Day afternoon, Robert Hastings murdered his mother and father with an ax.

It’s now three years later and Adam Hastings – Robert’s brother – gathers his resolve to return to his family’s vacant home to get rid of it. With the real estate papers quickly signed, Adam can begin to close a dreadful chapter of his life. Or can he?

One day while packing heirlooms, Adam spots a gentleman walking along a wooded lot on the property. The pleasant gentleman politely claims that he once lived in the house. Adam thinks nothing of the curious visit at first, but he then recalls that his great grandfather brought the house into the family’s possession. If the gentleman were telling the truth, he would be over a hundred years old. Impossible!

Talking with a neighbor, Adam learns that the gentleman is really the ghost of Herbert Ross – a local butcher who was rumored to have murdered over seven children. With the help of local officials, Adam begins digging into the history of this notorious figure, feeling that Ross must have had something to do with Robert’ s bloody crimes.

We’re busy developing a production pitch, and our intention is to start shooting Fall 2021.

Stay tuned!

The original



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