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The Making of More Spooky Minutes

"It was really exciting to be returning to do more Spooky Minutes," says producer Sean Karow. "It was nice to see some of the old faces and some new ones, too." This time around the production had a bit more money in the budget allowing for more elaborate set ups and working with even more actors. They were also able to hire two production artists to give the episodes some pizzazz.

"It was a challenge to shoot the ten episodes over four days," explains production manager Brent Hetherington. It's common to shoot a film out of sequence to maximize locations and actors, but when you have ten spots to manage, it can get tricky. "For example, one exterior shot was in a town outside of Toronto, and three days later, we shot the interior. It's a challenge to keep it all straight."

Mike Strange returned as the team's lighting cameraman and Dave Ferris again joined as Mike's assistant. "The days were a lot smoother," says Mike, "thanks to having a bit more time to set up." Mike is a wizard at fast turnarounds, but even a wizard needs time to frame a great shot, whether it's getting out that jib or scrimming the windows to get the right exposure. Dave also welcomed the fewer locations this time around. "I don't mind carrying gear," says Dave. "But, I'm glad we weren't using all four floors of that house we shot in this time around."

Post Producers Digital in Toronto again provided post production services. Erin Carroll edited this batch. "Each episode had a similar feel and style since the Spooky Minutes are a part of a series," Erin explains. "However, each episode had different creative elements such as making someone explode, replacing calm skies with stormy weather, or visually telling a narrated story with lush visuals and smooth transitions."

"This batch of Spooky Minutes are sure to please the millions of viewers who tune into Space each day," guarantees Karow.

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