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We've written and laid out employee desk drops, motivational gifts, newsletters and surveys. In one glance, we want your audience to say, "This speaks to me."

We get to know your business, your culture and its people. We'll incorporate the ideas you already have, throw in some of ours and get the job done. Our print designers and copy writers create communications that from the first viewing capture what you wanted to say.

More than just a design shop, Prime offers consultation and experience. Perhaps, a newsletter is not what your organization needs since many of your colleagues are traveling and timely distribution would be an issue. Maybe what they need is an e-newsletter. But, since mass e-mail is so disposable, let's make it personal and customized to make your audience understand that the message is catered to them.

From writing the text, to design, layout, print and delivery we're part of your team.

Newsletter Awards
We volunteer our services to a local housing co-operative for their quarterly newsletter. We are pleased that their newsletter has won awards at the Cooperative Housing Federation of Toronto for the past several years.

newsletter award Newsletter Award

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