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KarowPrime Films, in business since 1999, is a broadcast video production company based in Toronto.

KarowPrime Films is involved in the development, production and exploitation of many broadcast properties. We only undertake projects after thoroughly researching the subject matter, audience demand and financial viability. Our emphasis is on telling engaging stories to a broad audience.

In the past four years, we've produced a long-format thriller, a full-length documentary and a documentary series. Audiences and broadcasters will always drive the demand for our productions, however, we are currently focused on creating Canadian documentaries.

Recent productions include, "Shining Stars - Canada's Drive-In Movie Theatres" (doc., 48 mins.) for Bravo!, CBC and SCN; and "The Final HomeComing" (drama, 85 mins.) a ghostly thriller purchased for Drive-In Classics, OutTV and a US theatrical distributor. "Unexplained Canada" (doc., 6 x 30 mins.) a series exploring mysteries airs frequently on Space.

The company also has many short-format productions on television. Notably, "A True Canadian Spooky Minute and Half" (20 x 5 mins.) which airs on Space, and "Summer at the Drive-In" (10 x 5 mins.) on Drive-In Classics and SCN.

Sean C. Karow owns the company and has acted in various roles as either producer, director and writer on many productions. He is a member of the Documentary Organization of Canada, the Toronto Avid Users Group and the Writers Guild of Canada.

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KarowPrime Films
Sean Karow: sean@karowprimefilms.com
Toronto, ON

Avid Documentary Organization of Canada Writers Guild of Canada
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Swimming with Sharks

Sharks have always been a passion for Sean. Not being particularly fond of water, and also being scared of sharks, Sean still wanted to learn more than what textbooks and television shows could offer.

In August of 2002, Sean volunteered for a couple of weeks with a University of Miami research team in the Bahamas. The team was conducting on-going research on the preservation of a gene pool of Lemon Sharks. "It was scary," admits Sean, "but after a while I realized that for blood-thirsty predators, they were really quite beautiful."

Sean realized that while the sharks in the sea may not be out to get him, the sharks in the Canadian broadcast and film industry were. "It's just a matter of making sure that everyone gets along - and being sure that you don't turn your back."

Sean learned that he has the moxy to swim with the sharks in the sea and in development meetings.


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