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Bruce Hayward
The "Spooky Minutes" are five-minute vignettes that highlight true events in the weird and unexplained world of the bizarre. Of course, they are completely false, but treated realistically, which makes them kind of fun.

Bruce Hayward skillfully narrates us through ten episodes of unreliable witnesses, dubious town officials and shakey home video, delving into the paranormal mysteries that seem to abound in our wonderful country. All you have to do is abandon reason and believe...

Episodes include: The Hairy Beast of Manitoulin Island, Disappearance of the Baggage of Flight 665 and The Serpent of Georgian Bay.

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Bruce Hayward is a professional voice over artist. To learn more about his work, visit his web site.
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Kel Gleason

divider line before thumbnails Kel Gleason, known for his appearances on CanWest Global's news casts and Survivor: Outback, joins the ensemble cast.
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