Shining Stars - Canada's Drive-In Movie Theatres

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When was the last time that you were at a drive-in movie theatre? Depending on how old you are, you may answer, Never or Long ago. Others may surprise us with, Last summer.

In Toronto, a new drive-in went up recently at The Docks Entertainment Complex. Even CHUM's CityTV, had its version of outdoor cinema, made popular a few years ago, although, minus the cars.

That being said, there seems to be the belief that drive-ins are in decline. But, given the explosive attendance on any weekend, it makes you wonder. Shining Stars is an attempt to record where Canada's drive-ins stand today and to understand the continued nature of their appeal.

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Drive-In Journal

Grand Bend, Pefferlaw, Lindsay - Ontario

Cambridge, Nova Scotia & Brackley Beach, PEI

Manitoba and Saskatchewan

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