divider line before thumbnails Following the credo that "writers write" regardless of whether the work gets published or produced, here is a sampling of pieces that we have created. At various times, we may re-visit them for either further development or sale.

Previously, we offered freelance script analysis services for a feature film production/distribution company. Read Confessions of a Feature Script Analyst.

The Windigo - Horror
By Tom Kernaghan, Andrew Adams

WindigoEvil shook the small northern town of Blind River, Ontario, in the winter of 1975. Something or someone killed and mangled people, leaving their half-eaten bodies in the woods on the edge of town. Dogs were found butchered on the nearby First Nations reserve, making it clear the killer had a grudge against white and native residents. This dark time receded into the memories of locals, but it never went away.

The Bridge - Comedy
By Sean C. Karow

A Wall Street stock broker is sent to a motivational seminar to get him to pull up his socks and bring in clients. While at the seminar, he realizes that all his life he really just wanted to be a scenic painter. He hops on a plane and takes off for the South of France to paint landscapes. While painting in a beautiful orchard, he discovers that sometimes life's goals are different from life's destiny. Glancing at his canvass, he mutters, "Maybe this was a mistake." Does he stay or does he go?

A Charming Jungle Nuance - Comedy
By Sean C. Karow

A Korean War veteran, enjoying his senior years in his garden, discovers that his wife is planning a divorce. Not wanting to accept failure, he begins slowly replanting his garden in their house. His wife, upset by the over-powering foliage, doesn't realize that her husband is planning to relive his Army days by tracking her down in this new-growth forest like the enemy.

Novel divider line before thumbnails Shadow in the Water - Horror
By Sean C. Karow

The time is 1944, two months after the Allies have stormed the beaches of Normandy. The Kriegsmarine has created a new weapon; the Type XXI Transocean U-Boat, appropriately christened The Shadow. This deadly new super-submarine is undetectable to radar & sonar and can accurately fire explosive torpedoes from any depth.

Captain Hans Lang takes the helm of the deadly new U-boat with orders originating directly from Hitler. Lang must locate and retrieve a jet bomber believed to be an American prototype that had crashed in shallow water off the Irish coast.

When Lang and his crew arrive at the crash site, they don't discover an American plane; it is a craft from another world.

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