There was a period lasting about five years where I was one of the editors who made the censor edits for adult gay entertainment broadcast in Ontario.

All adult entertainment that is broadcast has to be reviewed by provincial censors. Basically, there is a code for things that can be seen and cannot be seen, and for things that can be done and not be done, even things that can and cannot be said. Although, I have to admit that these videos had very little talking. I was fond of saying: There was oral, not oratory.

So I would get a broadcast copy of the video and a list of edits; sections to be removed. I would take this task very seriously. For example, if I had to remove a few shots of two guys vigorously going at it, I wrestled with how to make the edits without anyone being able to notice shots were removed. It was a matter of matching the rhythm, if you get what I mean. I’d get a shot from earlier in the sequence to cover the edit, or perhaps repeat a close up, and then blend in the music and any heavy breathing. Sometimes, I’d get an additional sound effect of someone vocalizing to make the edit more seamless. Yes, you can buy sound effects in this category.

I could understand why the censors wanted some elements removed; it didn’t really surprise me. Although, I may not have personally agreed with their decisions, I could understand what they were trying to guard against.

For example, I had to remove:

  • Any perceived violence. Ex., someone gently slapping a face or a bottom.
  • Any perception that a performer was under age. Ex., “Good boy. Very good boy.”
  • Any perception of familial ties. Ex., “Who’s your daddy?”

There were a few others, but I’ll keep those as trade secrets.

At the end of the edit, I prided myself that even the director would not know how his masterpiece had been altered.

Often I was asked if this was a dream job. Although it was a pleasant monthly assignment, I would hardly call it a dream job. Basically, I just saw it as people having fun without me.